The Northern California Koyasan Temple will hold its annual Shichi-Go-San Special Prayer Service at the temple on Sunday, November 26, 2023, at 1:30 p.m. 

The Temple also offers the Shichi-Go-San service via Zoom to families who wish to have a personalized service. Zoom services are by appointment and will be held between November 15th and December 6th. Please contact Reverend Mimatsu at (916) 444-0111 or by email at to schedule an appointment. A zoom link will be sent after your appointment has been confirmed. The registration fee is $35.00 per child for members and $40.00 per child for nonmembers. 

Following the service, the Chitose Ame (thousand-year candy) and an omamori will be presented to each participating child. For families participating via Zoom and residing in the Sacramento County area, the Chitose Ame and omamori may be picked up at the temple. Families living outside Sacramento County will receive the candy by mail and will include shipping costs. 

Please complete the Shi-Chi-Go-San Application Form and mail or email to NC Koyasan Temple no later than Thursday, November 23, 2023. Payment may be made by check or electronically by PayPal or Venmo on the temple’s website. Please refer to the application form for further details. 

For information and further assistance, please contact Reverend Mimatsu at (916) 444-0111. Thank you in advance for your participation and support of Koyasan Temple’s Shi-Chi-Go-San Special Prayer Service.