The Northern California Koyasan Temple will be observing its annual Obon Memorial Service and Segaki Ritual on Sunday, July 21, 2024, at 1:30pm at the Temple.
The Obon memorial service is conducted to honor and remember deceased ancestors. During the Obon season (mid-July), the spirits of our ancestors return to visit us, giving us the opportunity to honor and thank them.  During the service, a special commemoration will be held honoring the memory and lives of our departed loved ones.

If you would like to commemorate your deceased ancestors and loved ones in the service, please complete this Obon Memorial Service and Segaki Ritual Form with their first and last names, and return it to the Northern California Koyasan Temple or email it to no later than July15, 2024.

For information or questions, please call the Temple at (916) 444-0111.