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Omamori and Ojuzu Available to Purchase

NOTEThis page shows what is available.  Please see the “Omamori / Ojuzu Instructions” and the order forms (buttons above).
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For The Home (Kanai-Anzen)

Kanai-anzen: Safety (well-being) of one’s family, peace and prosperity in the household
Protects good health and assists in quick recovery from illness or disease.

Red & White

Size 23.5″

Donation $20.00

Solid White

Size 20″

Donation $15.00


Approx. Size 8″x3:”

Donation $5.00
*One free per member family
Additional at $5.00/ each

For Warding Off Evil

Yakudoshi Omamori: Unlucky year: critical age (men: 25 and 42; women 19 and 33)
Yakuyoke Omamori: Warding off evil


Approx. Size 3″x2″
Donation $10.00


Approx. Size 3″x2″
Donation $10.00

For Safe Driving (Kotsu-Anzen)

Kotsu-Anzen: Traffic safety, protection for drivers and travelers of all sorts


Size 2″ x 3/4″

Donation $5.00


Size 3″ x 2″

Donation $10.00


Approx. Size 5″x2:”

Donation $20.00

For General & Home

General Purpose Omamori: Wards off evil and ensures good fortune.  Also omamori for health, longevity, victory, etc.


Size 3″ x 2″

Donation $10.00


Size 3″ x 2″

Donation $10.00


Approx. Size 7″x2:”

Donation $30.00

Yoku Manabu Omamori

For children (health and study)

Donation $10.00

Byoki Heiyu

Light Green
(for speedy recovery from illness)

Donation $10.00

Byoki Heiyu

Light Blue
(for speedy recovery from illness)

Donation $10.00

Udewa Nenju

Hannyashinygo / Heart Sutra
(for general protection)

Donation $35.00

Chirimen Kobo Daishi

(General, ward off evil, good health)

Donation $10.00


for victory/winning (sports, gambling, exams

Donation $10.00

Happy Turtle

(good health, longevity)

Donation $10.00

N. C. Koyasan Custom Omamori

(general protection and good luck)

Thre is a cherry blossom design on one side and Sacramento’s Tower Bridge on the other side. N.C. Koyasan Temple is shown beneath the Tower Bridge.

Donation $15.00


Dark Teal Bracelet Ojuzu

(Has picture of Kannon Bosatsu inside)

Donation $10.00

Bracelet Ojuzu with picture of Kobo Daishi inside

(available in purple, light teal and black)

Donation $10.00

Standard Ojuzu

Available in various configurations
(See order form)

Donation $30.00

Long Ojuzu

Donation $45.00

Bracelet Ojuzu

No large bead
Donation $10.00

Ojuzu with picture of Kobo Daishi inside

Purple, clear with purple bead, and clear with black bead
Donation $10.00

Ojuzu with picture of Kannon Bosatsu inside

Jade green, clear with gold flecks, and light blue
Donation $10.00


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