By Reverend Yasuko Coy

My first visit to the Northern California Koyasan Temple was in August 1994.  At that time, Reverend Asahi was the Head Minister at the Temple.  I did not know anything about Koyasan Shingon Buddhism at the time, but I started to learn little by little.  During this time, I chanted sutras and mantras with the other ladies at the Temple while Reverend Asashi was doing his morning ritual.

In February 1995, I became Reverend Asahi’s disciple with the other ladies.  In January 2006, I started practicing the Shido Kegyo Practice at the Northern California Temple and finished my exam at Mt. Koya, Wakayama, Japan and became a minister.  It was a special experience in my life.  I became Reverend Fukuda’s assistant minister after Reverend Asahi left Sacramento and became the Bishop at the Los Angeles Betsuin Koyasan Temple.

I was an assistant minister until 2015.  I was encouraged by former Bishop Imamura and Reverend Asahi to continue practicing as the Northern California Missionary minister.  I started conducting English services and held meditation classes at my home for several of my friends.

I am getting back my sense and memory in order to work again at the Temple for a smooth transition of the ministry with Reverend Mimatsu’s help.

I admire the nice positive energy of the new generation of Cabinet members and all the people who volunteer their hard work, especially the Taiko Group and the Karate Group who have been supporting this Temple for years.

I am grateful that I can work with those who support the N.C. Koyasan Temple that the original members established years ago.

In Gratitude,

Reverend Coy