To welcome in 2024’s year of the dragon, Koyasan Temple is offering a customized Special Blessing Ofuda with a stamp of this year’s zodiac sign of the dragon. This Special Blessing Ofuda is a special 2024 New Year’s edition and will only be offered at the New Year’s Day Shusho-e service and Goma Fire Ritual.

In addition, a new Special Blessing Omamori, that can be carried in a wallet or purse with a selected blessing inscribed, will also be customized with the zodiac dragon stamp and will be available to order. The blessing or blessings selected by each individual or family will be written on the ofuda or omamori by Reverend Mimatsu and blessed during the Goma Fire Ritual.

How to Order Your Special Ofuda and/or Omamori         Order Form for Special Blessing Ofuda and Omamori

Please note – Complete the order form and submit by mail or email to Koyasan Temple no later than December 28, 2023