Dear Koyasan Member,

This Saturday, December 17th the Koyasan Temple will be preparing and packaging mochi for its annual Mochitsuki fundraiser. As you may be aware, it takes a lot of hands to form and package the mochi. The Temple needs the help of its members in this effort and to help make the fundraiser a success.
If you are available to help, please join us at the Temple on Saturday morning. The Temple will be open from 7:00 a.m. We are also requesting volunteers to take a Covid test and to wear a mask while in the Temple to keep yourself and the other members safe.

If you are unable to help with the mochi preparation, you can also help us in raising funds for the Temple by making cookies for sale on Saturday. Just make your favorite cookies and package them in sandwich bags for sale. Iā€™m suggesting 3 cookies for each baggie. We will sell them in the Temple as people come in to pick up their mochi.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who will be volunteering or have volunteered in the past, as well as those who may be willing to make cookies. Your continued help and support will help to maintain the Temple and its operations.

With Gassho,
Liz Yokoyama, Acting President