Northern California Koyasan Temple


1400 U Street

Sacramento, CA  95818-1417

Phone (916) 444-0111

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Welcome to the Northern California Koyasan Temple (Keigenji) where you can study Shingon esoteric Buddhism. Shingon is a form of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, it is also called Shingon Mikkyo. This school was founded in 804 AD by Kukai (Kobo Daishi) in Japan. The teachings of Shingon are based on the Mahavairocana Sutra and the Vajrasekhara Sutra, the fundamental sutras of Shingon. Through the cultivation of three secrets, the actions of body, speech and mind, we are able to attain enlightenment in this very body. When we can sustain this state of mind, we can become one with the life force of the Universe, known as Mahavairocana Buddha. The symbolic activities are present anywhere in the universe. Natural phenomena such as mountains and oceans and even humans express the truth described in the sutras.


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Monthly services are held on every third Sunday of the month (except February and June).  Click on the CALENDAR link above for exact dates and times.

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Temple has suspended all its activities until the end of December 2020. Monthly services streamed via Zoom will be recorded and posted on the website here.

Announcements (November 2020)