Iwasawa Farewell


It’s hard to believe that 2-1/2 years has passed and it will soon be time for Rev. Iwasawa and family to return to Japan.  The Temple has been honored and blessed to have his services during this time, so, of course, we couldn’t send him and his family off without some type of party!  A farewell luncheon was held on July 13th at the Cattlemens Restaurant in Rancho Cordova.  Several members and guests enjoyed a delicious lunch and dessert to celebrate this bittersweet departure.  Mifuyu and Kayna will return to Japan in mid-July and Rev. Iwasawa will return later after assisting our new minister, Rev. Kanpo Mimatsu, settle into his new role.  We will miss Rev. Iwasawa and his family but wish them all the best in the future!

Farewell Luncheon - 7/13/19